Melanie Janisse Barlow | A Suite


let’s spoil as many canvasses as we need

sing with me for a while

send bees out of the house with gentle directions

what’s done is done



let’s hit the galleries for their secret meetings

underneath a folklore is something real



shadow box each painting for the exhibition

listen to apples

heart necklaces

gold rings

gravitate in parking lots to lift

shake hands.



we are nude in your studio

eat oranges afterward


let’s talk of cherries

cakes shaped like breasts

let’s own our own gaze fully



paint on silk in the days of the rising sun

eat Turkish delight dipped in chocolate

use real vetiver

trade secrets

this is a sexy time



Melanie Janisse-Barlow is a poet and artist. She holds degrees from Emily Carr, Concordia and OCAD U in visual arts and communications. Her first collection of poetry, Orioles in the Oranges (Guernica, 2009), was listed for the Relit Award, and her essay poems, entitled Detroit, were listed in Best American Essays in 2013. Between a busy private commission schedule and the execution of larger projects such as the Ship of Fools Project (a painting installation on a sailboat), Guided (an installation in an abandoned apartment) and the Poets Series (, Janisse works full time as a painter and writer in her hometown of Windsor, Ontario, and is completing her second poetry manuscript, Thicket. 26 Canadian Poets, which stems from her Poets Series project, is forthcoming from BookThug.