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While conceptualizing what it was I hoped Virga would offer readers, three things condensed. First, I hoped to showcase elegance in writing. While not a stranger to, and certainly often impressed by work that manipulates, deconstructs, or subverts conventions of language, I hoped to see poems doing these things with control and with grace. Second, I hoped to see work that appeals to the most human of traits and tendencies—to vulnerability, spontaneity, determination, resignation, resentment, and rejoicing. That is to say, I wanted empathy. Finally— and I’ve touched on this—I hoped to see experimentation; writing that has discovered new entrances and exits, maybe even a trapdoor! I hoped to see work innovate, subvert, create new ways of being on the [digital] page, evident in form, style, or voice.

I believe this inaugural issue of Virga offers the reader elegance, empathy, and experimentation. I hope you’ll carve out some time to sit with this issue and let our first 17 contributors show you something new!


Happy Reading!

Laura Page, editor in chief

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