Issue Two | Fall 2017


Laura Page | Letter From the Editor


Michelle Site | Two Poems
Sonia Greenfield | “On Misreading “Downed Statue of Robert E. Lee”
Debra Di Blasi | The Bullfrog
Jax Peters Lowell | For Flint
Rob Cook | The Collectors
Devon Balwit | Is the U.S. Ready for Nuclear Threat?
Ben Stillerman | Palynomorphs I – V
Stephanie Bryant Anderson | The Coroner’s Office in Jefferson County, Alabama
Marcia Hurlow | Two Poems
Lynn Schmeidler | Two Poems
Jenna Le | Dispatch From Hanover, New Hampshire
Cal Freeman | Like Insects We Seek Cool Interiors
Bryan Parys | Re-Groove
Ambalila Hemsell | For the Light
Ann Howells | Two Poems
Molly Johnsen | What We Share
Mikki Aronoff | Half the Earth Faces the Sun
Sonja Swift | Mexico City
Gary Lundy | a day breaks then shoves
William Godbey | i am small



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