Bryan Parys | Re-Groove


But would we focus on the groove or the moment when the nautilus bounces off the tigered coral—
and then we can move backwards and tell everyone the opposite, which they’ll have to believe
because the sun is not north in the ocean, no plastic compass to dangle from a scout’s neck as he
looks for the next tree to read, scratching his inner thigh through a pocket long enough to check on
the status of pubic hair growth; even if he makes it back to camp that won’t change the taste of the
melba toast, or the question from a tentmate—Catholic, a lisping son of a dentist slash lakefront-
property-owner—Are you still sleeping with a stuffed raccoon? and the raccoon-holder-with-the
half-inch-pubic-hair will act on instinct, which will be wrong in a hot-earlobe way, will say His name
is Rory
and who will laugh
and who will ask the nautilus where it hurts so can we line up and slice our kissy lips on its calcified
shell edge

Bryan Parys‘ memoir, ‘Wake, Sleeper’ (Cascade Books) was published in 2015, and his work has been published in Ruminate Magazine, Exit 7 (forthcoming Spring 2018), and others. He is an editor at Berklee College of Music and teaches creative writing on Boston’s North Shore.